12-12-20: Website “redesign”

12-07-20: Updated Members list page.

09-19-20: Changed domain hosting services.

06-15-19: Minor web updates.

08-05-16: Hot summer in South Florida but we are still enjoying the wonderful thermaling and slope conditions

11-08-15: Re-published with new web authoring tool.

12-17-14: Changed hosting provider for website.  Will be re-doing the entire site over the holiday break.

5-13-13: Updated the website with new publishing software

5-28-12: Updated some pictures on the site today.

4-5-12: Some members of the Orlando Buzzards will be joining us this Saturday to try to achieve their needed 8hr slope soar for LSF level 5.  To help us with this, Waste Management has approved our staying later after normal closing to facilitate the 8hr flight.  Many thanks to Waste Management for their support!

2-19-12: First, a reminder that all membership’s AMA and club dues must be renewed by end of March to retain access to the hill. Second, If you have not already seen it, The Webmaster got a weatherstation for a Christmas present from his family.... Now we all can benifit from it.  I’t up and running on my house and is the closest amatur weather station to the Hill.  You can see the live details by clicking on our “weather” link at the top of our website.  You can even access the detailed website by clicking on the link at the top of that page.   I recommend looking at the “Trends” tab as it shows all the graphs of data for the past 24hrs.

12-31-11: Last news of the year.  We had a great time winch flying today from the west side.  Weather was perfect.  Light winds from the northwest and clear blue skies all day.  Temp about mid 70 to low 80’s. Next year I am resolving to make this website more interactive.  A lot more posting and a lot more “articles.”

12-28-11: Activated new weather station.

12-11-11: Last FSS contest of 2011 will be held at the IRKS field.

5-28-11: Air started out light.  Lots of winch launching from the west side.  Then moved over to the east side as the wind shifted and pickup.

2-28-11: Larry Squire will be taking orders for t shirts for our "Pompano Hill Flyers"

Pricing same as last year.  $9.00 for short sleeve and $14.00 for long sleeve. XXL and XXXL slightly higher.

We are trying to find the artwork for F.S.S. shirts and that pricing would

be the same. (Min. amt. is 12 pieces)

12-23-10: Wonderful thermal conditions today.  Several members made the day of it just before Xmas.  Winch and Retriever worked great.  Many launches.  Larry managed to first launch his Tsunami today.

10-23-10: Winds up! Consistently 15-25 from the east made great slope combat conditions.

10-16-10: Low wind day. But excellent conditions for winch launching on the west side.

9-18-10: Published new format website