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O/S Version Windows XP Service Pack 2 build 2600
Language used
Processor type Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Nb of processor 1
video mode 1024x768, 32 bit
System status at 7h36, on 16 August 2016
Pc uptime 63 days 10 hours
Cumulus active 17 minutes
Disk space 146.7 GB free of 149.01 GB
Memory status 75/502 MB (free/total)
Allocated to Cumulus 29.42 MB
Website status
Station type WS1080A
Online since 28 December 2011
Last update 8/16/2016 7:36:59 AM

Last error registered :

Data input appears to have stopped - check your station and connections

Date : 8/16/2016

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O Highest Temperature O Wind
O Lowest Temperature O Highest Wind Gust
O Highest Minimum O Highest Wind Speed
O Lowest Maximum O Highest Wind Run
O Highest Apparent Temperature O Humidity
O Lowest Apparent Temperature O Highest Humidity
O Highest Heat Index O Lowest Humidity
O Highest Dew Point O Rainfall
O Lowest Dew Point O Highest Rain Rate
O Lowest Wind Chill O Highest Hourly Rainfall
O Largest Daily Range O Highest Daily Rainfall
O Smallest Daily Range O Highest Monthly Rainfall
O Pressure O Longest Wet Period
O Highest Pressure O Longest Dry Period
Station status
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Batteries status : 0v

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Temperature increase O
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Low pressure O
High pressure O
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High rain today O
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